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It’s difficult to say. We are constantly working on new ideas and try to get funding for new projects. The results are unpredictable because a lot depends on the available funding.

Most of our events do not have any strict prerequisites. You just need to be interested in the topic and motivated to participate. You can also find out more about our applications process here.

Definitely! We actually prefer to have more newcomers on our projects. Most of the activities are done in groups, we don’t want to pressure anyone to step too far out of their comfort zone.

We have described the whole process in the reimbursement guide, take a look!

This is because of the Erasmus+ program where we usually receive our funding from. We need to have a formal partner in the country that we wish to include. Don’t worry though because we keep expanding to more places in the future!

You can apply, but in this case you have to cover your own expenses and we can not provide any travel cost reimbursement.

There are many ways to help us and everything starts from your own initiative. Want to join Youth Europa? Or contribute to the success of a specific project? You can find out more over here.

Head over to the contact page and get in touch with us!

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