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We have come far with limited resources, but imagine what we could accomplish with your help...

Your impact

Why does your support matter?

We are committed to reach both youths and adults through our events and activities, to foster a sense of community, improving their personal well-being, and learning different topics outside of academic methods. We all want the world to be a better place, but not everyone has the time to create a non-profit organisation. 

This is your chance to help us to help others! Your support will enable us to: 

Create More Youth Exchanges & Training courses

Each event needs a venue, food, materials and more. All of this can be quite expensive, but we could carry out more events if we had more resources available to us.

Develop new materials

For a bigger positive impact, we wish to turn our best methods into useful guidelines and tutorials. That way we can enable other organisations and schools to make their classrooms more fun and engaging.  

Build communities

Each event helps us unite more people and turn them into active citizens. This way they can support their local communities more effectively. 

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Efficient management brings great results!

Handling grants and donations responsibly is one of our main priorities. 96% of the donations are going towards new events and materials. 4% is spent to keep the lights on and the coffee cups filled. We are proud to say that our operational costs are minimal and we’re investing the resources to carry out new activities.

Become a supporter

Even a 5€ monthly donation can make a significant difference for us. Leave us a comment about what kind of future you are hoping to see, so that we could build it together. 

Oh, and don’t forget to keep in touch with us. Come and see the people that you are helping. If you have any questions, we’re more than glad you provide all of the answers! 

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