We can be the funniest people around, but we know how to be serious when needed.

Democratic governance


We have a clear and understandable mission. In carrying out our mission we are guided by our statutes, internal documents and operating standards.


Youth Europa expresses and represents a diversity of interests and needs of people. We engage people in the development of civil society through civic education, participatory democracy, advocacy and other forms.


We consistently pursue skilled actions, professionalism and perfection in order to achieve better results in our work.


Getting funds for our activities mainly from supporters and donors, we use the funds efficiently and in accordance with designated purposes.


We do not use or advocate the use of violence to express our opinions, achieve our goals or gain the attention of the public.

Responsibility And Accountability


In seeking to achieve our goals, we use natural, human and intellectual resources, as well as material and financial assets with sustainability and prudence, considering the needs of both present and future generations.


Youth Europa in its capacity as both applicant and donor, complies with generally accepted funding principles, uses only justified and transparent budgets and avoids duplication in funding.


We are open to new ideas and opinions, as well as cooperation in achieving common goals.


We are accountable for our activities and are responsible to the founders, members, stakeholders, supporters, donors and the general public.


We communicate in an open and direct manner with all parties concerned and do not act anonymously.

Independence & Honour


We are independent in setting our goals, decisions and activities and refrains from being controlled by political parties, public institutions or companies, resulting in losing its independence, autonomy and ability to act for the public benefit.


Information regarding the mission, membership, activities and funding of Youth Europa are public and understandable, its activities transparent.


In protecting our opinions and discussing those of other organizations, we do not disparage or slander other organizations, their opinions or persons operating therein.


We honour the authorship and ownership of ideas and projects of other organizations.


We honour all written contracts and oral agreements.

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