To better understand the rules and workflows, it’s important to know the words and acronyms that are often used when we speak about the work that we do. These will also help you understand the guidelines and form a clear picture of what it is that we do. 

ID wdt_ID Word Definition
33Key Action 1 (KA1)Most of our projects are considered to be KA1 projects - youth exchanges and training courses.
44Key Action 2 (KA2)KA2 projects are usually bigger development projects that are often called "strategic partnerships". These can have several smaller meetings and training courses in them.
55YouthAccording to Erasmus+ program - a person who is younger than 30.
77Formal LearningSomething
88Non-Formal LearningSomething
99Informal LearningSomething
1010EVSEuropean Voluntary Service, although now known as European Solidarity Corps

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