From Pain to Spain: Seeking solutions to modern problems

Event summary Welcome to our youth exchange project! Our project aimed to tackle the important topic of mental health and social media. Social media has become an integral part of our lives, but it also has its drawbacks. Many people struggle with the negative effects of social media on their mental health. As young people, […]


Sustainability Introduction What is the ecological footprint of an exchange? How many resources are we consuming? How can we provide a sustainable project? How can we promote a healthy and active lifestyle? Those and many other questions came to mind during TC E+CO for a sustainable future held in Slovakia in August 2022. With the […]

Word of Power: <br> Speak Up

Although a human may speak about 370 million words during its’ lifetime, public speaking is still the most feared activity among many. Why is that so? Why does speaking – something so mundane make us anxious, shaky and uncomfortable? How can this be overcome? Find it out through a variety of interactive and fun workshops […]