Although a human may speak about 370 million words during its’ lifetime, public speaking is still the most feared activity among many. Why is that so? Why does speaking – something so mundane make us anxious, shaky and uncomfortable? How can this be overcome? Find it out through a variety of interactive and fun workshops and activities. You can lay out the very foundation as a beginner or challenge yourself and work out your own way to teach others.

The aim of “Word of Power: Speak up” is to connect young people who wish to work on and improve their public speaking skills in an international and accommodating environment. We will spend 8 activity days working together on exciting tasks, fun cultural events and many other activities. The project connects 45 people from 5 different countries – Estonia, Sweden, Spain, Greece and Slovakia – helping you forge long-lasting friendships and facilitate future cooperation. Participants are young people aged 18-30 who are interested in this projects’ topic and wish to explore it more.

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