The participants are matched up in pairs of similar height and weight. The couples form a circle and initially stand in front of each other, one in the front and one in the back:

The facilitator has three commands that can be said out loud:

  • Waka: The couples change positions, the one in the back goes to the front and the one in the front goes to the back.
  • Waka-Waka: The one in the front gives a piggyback to the one in the back.
  • Waka to the right/left: This command can only be said after a waka-waka. Those on top run to the right/left, going around the outer circle and climbing back up on their partner. The last pair to arrive loses and is eliminated, but remains in the same position forming a bridge or a castle (*).*Bridge: They must lie down and join their legs together in a parallel way. Now the participants must jump over the bridge after a “waka to the left/right”.
    *Castle: They form a roof by holding hands at stomach level. Now the participants must bend over and run through the castle after a “waka to the left/right”.

The game continues until there is only one couple left.

waka waka
Things to keep in mind…
  • Be careful doing this activity outdoors after a rainy day.
  • The participants are so competitive, and not running straight makes participants fall.
  • Remind everyone to be careful when jumping over other participants.

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