Truths & Lies


  • To get to know each other in a fun way.
  • To guess the character of other participants.


  • Bunch of paper
  • Pens/pencils


  • Each participant will write their name in the middle of a paper.
  • In three corners of this paper, they will write any fact they find interesting about themselves and don’t mind sharing it with others.
  • In the fourth corner, they will write a lie, which should not be easily guessable (it should be similar to those three facts).
  • After everyone is finished, the facilitator will pick participants one by one, who should come before the group and read all of their statements. Other participants will then guess which of them is a lie and count their points when the false statement is revealed.



  • Participants guess by raising their hands.
  • Participants guess by standing themselves in one of the corners of the room, which represent each statement (chosen by the facilitator).
  • Participants walk around the room freely and meet with others one on one. They also count their points, if they guessed the lie on the first try.


  • Start a discussion about how hard it was to guess or tell a lie.
  • Evaluate the competition and see who is the best ”character reader”. The winner should then reveal their secret :).
  • Ask a question: ”Which of the facts you’ve learned was the most surprising to you?”

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