Tom & Jerry

The participants stand in a big circle, in a wide stance, so there’s enough space for a person to crawl underneath them. The facilitator chooses one participant who will become Tom, and one participant who will become Jerry. The goal of Tom is to catch Jerry before he finds a shelter and crawls underneath one of the participants. If Tom catches Jerry, they exchange their roles – Tom becomes Jerry and Jerry becomes Tom, and the chasing continues. If Jerry finds shelter before Tom catches him, the participant who was chosen by Jerry to be his hideout now becomes Tom, and the participant who was Tom before him becomes Jerry. The facilitator (who can be playing as well) should shout the commands (e.g. “Anna is Tom and Patrick is Jerry!”), as this activity happens at a fast pace and can get confusing. In case there is some confusion and somebody makes a mistake, the activity starts again and the facilitator chooses new Tom & Jerry.


  • Add elimination – if one participant has made a mistake twice, they have to leave the circle.
Things to keep in mind…

It’s recommended to do this activity outdoors in an area with a soft ground – grass, sand etc., since there will be lots of running and jumping!

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