The Ultimate Ninja

The goal is to be the “Ultimate ninja” a.k.a. the person who has the quickest reflexes. Participants try to eliminate others by successfully hitting each other’s hands. It is a turn-based game, played in a clockwise direction.

On your turn, you are allowed one motion:

  • An attempt to hit another person’s hand with your hand, or
  • One movement, such as taking a step in any direction.


  • Gather everyone into a circle in the middle of the room.
  • Start the game by having everyone say the words, “Ultimate… Ninja!” and then jumping backward and have everyone pose in a ninja stance.
  • Choose a person to begin the game.
  • Once this person makes his/her one motion, it immediately becomes the next persons’ turn (following clockwise order).
  • When a player is trying to hit your hand, you are allowed one motion to dodge the strike; however, you must hold this new position once you dodge.
  •  If a player successfully hits your hand, you are “out,” and you must leave the circle.
  • The last person remaining wins the round and is the “Ultimate Ninja”.

For example, when a person named John tries to hit another person’s hand (e.g., Sally), Sally is allowed to move her arm backward to dodge; however, Sally must hold this new pose until it’s her turn (or until someone else tries to strike her hand).

Things to keep in mind…
  • The participants must be in circles, which should not be too big, just make several smaller ones in big participant groups.
  • Do not let the game become violent!

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