The Blanket


  • You will need one big blanket or a bedsheet (or more, depending on your group size), through which you can’t see.

Divide participants into two groups and ask them to sit on the floor, facing each other, with some space in between them. Each group should try and squeeze together, as tightly as they can, so that they can’t be seen by their opponents. Two facilitators will hold the blanket up in between them and they will silently pick a participant from each group to come and sit down in front of the blanket. They should crouch down and move silently, so they don’t reveal their identity! Whenever they are ready, facilitators will drop down the blanket on the count of three, and the two participants should try and guess each other’s names as quickly as possible. Whoever guesses the name faster wins, and the opponent has to join their team. This game goes on until there are no people left in one of the groups or until the facilitators say so.


  • You can make it more fun by not dropping down the blanket. In this case, the two participants will either slide one of their feet or hands underneath the blanket, which will make it much harder for them to guess each other’s names. That’s why this variation is suggested to be used as a second or third run when the participants had some time to get to know each other better.

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