Snowball Fight


  • Enough paper and pens for each participant


  • At first, participants sit in a circle.
  • Each person receives a sheet of paper and a pen.
  • The facilitator announces that everybody should write down answers to 3 questions. Although these might be adjusted to fit the group or certain topic, good examples are “As a kid, what did you want to be once grown up?”, “What is one item on your bucket list?” and “What is your favourite movie and why?”. Please note that names should NOT be disclosed.
  • To make it easier, we write the questions down somewhere so that they are easily visible for the participants.
  • After a couple of minutes, we ask participants to either fold their paper into a paper airplane or simply scrunch it up into what resembles a snowball.
  • Then the participants should start throwing these “snowballs” or paper airplanes at each other for at least a minute or so, depending on the atmosphere.
  • Afterward, we ask everyone to pick one of the folded papers up and read what is written on it.
  • The task is to find the paper’s author by asking each other questions related to the answers provided on the sheet of paper.
  • Once everyone has found the owner of their respective paper, everyone should briefly introduce the person whose paper they have found (including their name, of course). Yey!
Things to keep in mind…
  • In bigger groups, we can take advantage of the fact that papers can be both folded into airplanes or simply made into snowballs. That way, we can divide the group into 2 if necessary for better management of the activity.

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