Simon Says

The facilitator tells the group that they should follow instructions when the facilitator starts the instruction by saying, “Simon says…” If the facilitator does not begin with the words “Simon says,” then the group should not follow the instructions. The facilitator starts by saying something like, “Simon says, clap your hands” while clapping their hands. The participants must mimic him/her.


The facilitator speeds up the actions, always saying “Simon says” first. After a short while, he/she doesn’t say “Simon says”. Those participants who do follow the instructions anyway are out of the game. The game can be continued for as long as the facilitator wants, or there is a winner. Another participant can be selected to give out the commands as well.

Things to keep in mind…
  • It is important to build up the pace, otherwise, the energizer becomes dull quite fast.
  • Be careful with the commands; they shouldn’t become too difficult or uncandid.

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