Rescue Mission


  • To find the roles in the team


  • Safety tapes to mark the boundaries of the playing area
  • 2 meters long thick ropes (according to the number of pairs in the team)
  • A plastic cup
  • Artificial (plastic) soldier




Before starting this activity, you need to create a route/sidewalk that can be winding or straight. It should be about 10 meters long and 1.5 meters wide. Use safety tapes or other material (rope, …) to delimit the route. The team will stand at the beginning of this route, at the end of which will be placed a cup in which there will be a plastic soldier. The aim of the activity is to select one member of the team, who will be transported by other members to the cup with the soldier along the route using the provided ropes. The person who is being carried must not touch the ground during the “rescue” and people carrying him/her cannot step inside the route. After the team reaches the cup with the soldier, they must transfer the person on the ropes together with the soldier back to the start, to successfully finish the mission. In case the transferred member touches the ground, the team must start from the beginning.


  • To make the task even more challenging, you can place a few water bottles inside the route that the team cannot drop during the rescue.


The participants in the team create pairs facing each other. One row will stand on one side of the route and the other row on the opposite side of the route. Each pair in the team will receive one rope. After tensioning the ropes, the member who gets carried can lie down on them so that they do not touch the ground and the team can transfer him/her to the end of the route and back. It is ideal if the ropes are thick so that the person being transported does get harmed during the activity.


• What was the hardest part of this game?
• How did you feel doing this task? Were you satisfied with the role you were given in the team?
• What tactic did you choose? Was it easy to agree on it?
• Did the tactics you agreed to fulfill your role help you?
• Do you remember a life situation where you helped someone even if it wasn’t easy for you? How did it turn out?

Things to keep in mind…
  • Do not do this activity inside, as there is a risk of fall and injury!
  • If you choose to play on grass, make sure it’s not wet and slippery.
  • Pay attention to the person who is being carried, so that they aren’t harmed by the ropes in any way.

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