Pass the Parcel


  • To carry out given tasks and receive a gift


  • A small object (used as a gift)
  • Wrapping paper/Post-it notes
  • Audio player/Hands


  • The facilitator wraps a small gift with many different layers of wrapping.
  • On each layer, they write a task or a question.
  • Examples of a task are “Sing a song!” or “Hug the person next to you!”.
  • Examples of a question are “What is your favorite color?” or “What is your best friend’s name?”
  • Participants stand in a circle or all around the room/given space.
  • The facilitator starts the music or claps their hands if there is no music available.
  • Participants start to pass the parcel around the circle or throw it at each other.
  • When the facilitator stops the music or the clapping, the person holding the parcel must tear off one layer of paper and carry out the task or answer the question written on the paper.
  • The game continues until all the layers have been unwrapped, and the gift goes to the last person to take off the wrapping.
Things to keep in mind…
  • Packing the gift might be difficult and must be prepared beforehand.
  • A way to not waste paper on wrapping is to wrap the gift once and use post-it notes fastened on the gift with the commands/questions written on them.

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