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Taevaskoja, Estonia

Event summary

Humans are natural storytellers. We use stories for entertainment, to communicate information, but also to make sense of the world and ourselves. Stories are everywhere, in addition to stories in books and movies, you will see storytelling used in advertising, news, politics, business and relationships – basically covering every aspect of the world around us. In this youth exchange we are going to learn how to become better storytellers. We are going to explore the universal principles of what makes a good story. The art of storytelling will be practiced through creative exercises, games, debates, workshops and theatre. Also, we are going to learn how we can apply storytelling in our personal life and for social good.

The youth exchange is going to bring together 40 people from five different countries. This will help us create a unique non-formal learning environment where you can comfortably share thoughts and ideas with other likeminded people. In addition to all of the learning activities, there will be other elements in the program that will help you make new friends and create memories for a lifetime. Come, take a leap of faith and experience something new. Many of the skills and contacts that are acquired during this event will be really useful in other aspects of your life!

Keep in mind that this is an Erasmus+ project so you do not need to pay for the housing and food. Even your travel cost will most likely be 100% covered (limits apply).


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission Erasmus+ programme. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

We are following all of the safety regulations & laws and do everything in our power in order to make this event as good as possible. Unfortunately, the pandemic is still ongoing but we have taken steps to counter the risks. Due to this reason, only fully vaccinated participants are permitted to take part in this youth exchange. EU CovidPass will be checked before the event. If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us. Stay safe:)

International Youth Exchange

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Where you'll be staying

Venue & Location

This event will take place in Taevaskoja, Estonia. The venue is located in a secluded place surrounded by extraordinary scenery. It has a calming charm and relaxing vibe that is away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The accommodation is recently renovated, a modern cabin with lots of light. It’s only 700m away from one of Estonia’s most famous natural sightseeing attractions as well as 40 minutes away from our second biggest city, Tartu. Hopefully, the weather is on our side and we will be able to show you the beauty of this place as much as possible.
Our participants will be accommodated in comfortable renovated houses with triple or quadruple rooms, with a nice view of the surrounding nature. Place includes:
  • Modern Finnish sauna
  • Hot tub
  • Indoor seminar room
  • Possibility to hike in the beautiful forests
  • Cozy indoor spaces
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served at the same location every day and we are also providing vegetarian options as well
We truly believe that this is the perfect place to thoroughly enjoy the company of new-found friends, big healthy doses of clean fresh air, and participating in the planned activities. The Taevaskoja holiday center is also surrounded by nearly 40km of hiking trails. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a unique and picturesque part of Estonia.

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What can you expect?

The Program

The Youth Exchange is usually a project written by the youth for the youth, in order to create an intercultural learning environment where young people from all over the Europe can meet and share their culture and experiences. During the event, you have many chances to contribute with your ideas and shape the program together with us. Our program starts with several fun activities to break the ice and get to know each other better. During the rest of the project, we will dive deeper into the topics of storytelling. The workshops will be carried out by our more experienced members, but you will also have a chance to shape the program of this event. And NO, you don’t have to have any previous experience, no one is going to make you carry out any activities if you don’t want to. Just get on along for the ride and enjoy it! And who knows, you might get inspired yourself!

The Networking

Through cooperation, you will get to know other like-minded people from different countries. Each international training Youth Exchange project is an amazing opportunity to gain new contacts, share experiences and make life-long friends.

The Unexpected

Well, we shouldn’t spoil everything, right? Each of our events is a little different because of the participants who join them. You will have the chance to contribute with your own ideas which can have a significant impact on this event. Storytelling is a broad topic and each participant is going to bring their own knowledge and experience. It’s an open space where you can connect with new people and develop yourself in new ways.

Have fun while developing yourself!

Social program

In our organisation, it’s become a tradition that each national group will take turns presenting different aspects of their culture during the national evenings. In perspective of helping this project to be as memorable as possible, take this opportunity to prepare a unique and extraordinary presentation and think of it as a good way to represent your cultural background for the rest of the participants. Don’t be afraid to be creative! It’s highly recommended to bring some typical food, snacks or drinks for others to taste during the intercultural evening.

How to get to the event?


You must arrive before late evening on the 20th of March at the venue and have to participate in the full duration of the event. You can get to Taevaskoja by flying to Tallinn or Riga, and taking a train or a bus to Tartu. From there you will continue by train or by bus to your final destination. We will provide more travelling information once you have been selected to join the project. All participants will be added to a Facebook group where we will give regular updates to all of the selected applicants. If you need more information, please contact us for more details. We will cover your travel cost up to a certain limit (below). You will receive your reimbursement after you have provided us all the documents within a month after the event. If you’re economical, it’s possible to get your full travel expenses covered!
Selected participants need to contact the organizer and send their travel info before buying the tickets. It is really important not to buy anything before receiving the green light from us. We will, of course, assist you in every way possible!
The travel reimbursement limit depends on the travel distance. The upper limit per country is:
Estonia (0-9km): 0€
Sweden (100-499km): 180€
Slovakia (499-1999km): 275€
Greece (2000-2999km): 360€
Spain (3000-3999km): 530€

Meet the people behind Youth Europa!


Since every project that we are carrying out is based on our own interests and skills, you can expect us to be highly motivated and energetic. Our extensive experience makes us more flexible and helps us make meaningful adjustments to the program. This means that if something doesn’t fit or seems boring, we will always have a plan B and C.

Proof of participation

YouthPass Certificate

As a participant of this event, you will receive YouthPass – a certificate of non-formal education recognized all across Europe that allows you to describe what you have done and learned. On top of that, it can be a great way to stand out at a job interview or when applying to a university, not to mention the part where you get to show off to your friends:)

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Deadline: 22.02.2022

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Frequently Asked Questions

This project is supported by Erasmus+ program. This enables us to keep the participation fee very low and even remove it for people who are in financial difficulties. We know it sounds too good to be true, feel free to check out the reviews:)

Not at all. We try to focus on non-formal learning methods. This means that all activities are interactive and you will usually work in groups.

Everyone who comes from the eligible countries and is 18 to 30 years old is welcome to apply. There are no prerequisites, we actually welcome people who have no prior experience at all. Also, this event is not political. We don’t care if you hold conservative or more liberal views. Just be friendly and cooperative, we’re all here to learn, make friends & have fun!

Click the “apply now” button below if the deadline has not passed. Fill the form and answer all the questions as sincerely as possible. We will get in touch with you if you have been selected. Make sure that @youtheuropa.org mails don’t go to your spam!:)

The participants are selected based on their motivation and interest in the topic. There is no catch, you just need to be sincere and honest in your application. Also, if you’re not selected in this project, it’s more likely that you get selected for the next ones. 

Questions such as this one will be answered by the organisers or your group leader. Don’t worry, we will help you find the best possible option!

We will cover your trip to and from the project destination. There are some limits that apply, this is based on your travel distance. These limits are mentioned in the information above. If you buy the tickets early enough, it’s common to get your travel 100% covered.

After the event, all participants will fill the reimbursement form where you will be asked to upload the travel cost documents (itinerary, boarding passes, invoices etc.). The reimbursement process usually takes between 1-2 months. Remember that we will help you on every step of the way.

Nope. You will not be forced to do anything that you’re not comfortable with. But it’s definitely a great place to step our of your comfort zone. This is going to be a journey in your personal development:)

No problem, get in touch with us and we will do our best to provide you some answers. You can do so by heading over to the contact page.


This is the draft schedule. Some of the activities can depend on weather and other unpredictable aspects. We will always let the participants know about the changes. 

Day 1 (21.01)
Day 2
Ice-breaking & getting to know each other
Day 3
Introduction to storytelling
Day 4
Story structure
Day 5
Storytelling through theatre
Day 6
Day 7
Digital storytelling
Day 8
Storytelling for social change
Day 9
Applying storytelling in everyday life
Day 10
Day 11 (31.01)

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