My Balloon


  • Enough balloons for every participant
  • Markers of different colors


The facilitator asks each participant to blow their own balloon and write their name on it. When they are ready, participants start to play with the balloons for a while (box them, kick them away…). At the facilitator’s command, each participant takes the closest balloon and tries to find the person whose name is written on it. Every turn, the facilitator chooses a question, which the participants should ask that person whose balloon they have caught, and to which they write an answer on the balloon. These questions can be: ”What is your favourite colour?”, “What food do you like the most?”, “Do you have any siblings? How many?”, etc. It’s up to the facilitator, how many questions he/she chooses. In the end, the balloons can be left in the common room for everyone to take a look at later.

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