Monsters Inc.

Participants are standing in a circle, facing each other. The punch-line of the game is that the participants became monsters and have to scare kids, like in the cartoon – “Monsters inc”. When there are no orders from the facilitator the participants are running around the place in their “monstery” way, the same is done between the orders.

Orders are the following:

  • Single bed: Monsters scream twice, standing up.
  • Bunk bed: Monsters scream once standing up and then once while crouching.
  • Twin bed: Monsters jump to the right, scream once, jump to the left, and scream once again.
  • The kid is awake: Monsters must get on the floor and hide their head.
Things to keep in mind…
  • Be careful with the order “The kid is awake”, depending on the surface you are playing on, you may need to modify the action connected to the order. There is no need to make participants lie down on wet grass or muddy ground etc.

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