Mirror Labyrinth


  • To reach the finish without any contact with the obstacles placed in the “maze”


  • Small mirrors / front camera on the phone
  • Ropes
  • Bottles filled with water (obstacles)
  • Participant’s scarves/ bandanas


The participants will be divided into teams of 4-5. With the help of ropes, it is necessary to create a winding route approximately 2.5-3 meters wide and at least 8-10 meters long. Bottles filled with water will be placed inside this route, as obstacles for the team. The individuals of the team will be tied to each other with scarves and will have to walk backwards across the route. The only way the team will be watching where to go is a small mirror or the front camera of the phone. Every member of the team will have that. If the team encounters an obstacle and drops the bottle, it must return to the beginning and start again.


• What was the most difficult part of this task?
• What tactic did you choose?
• What would you change about it now?
• How did you cooperate in the team when you were tied up?
• Was it difficult to rely only on the image you saw in the mirror / mobile?
• Have you ever had an obstacle or problem in your life that you had to rely on someone else? How did you handle it?

Things to keep in mind…
  • Make sure that the ground on which you are doing this activity is not slippery and that there are no other obstacles other than the bottles.

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