Every participant chooses silently another participant in the room as their ‘A’ person and another participant as their ‘B’ person. There are no particular criteria on what to base the choices on – selections are entirely up to the individuals.

Once the A and the B person have been chosen, on the mark of the facilitator, the participants become Magnets and must get as close to their respective ‘A’ person as possible, while getting as far away from their ‘B’ person as possible.


People can move quickly but should not grab or hold anyone. After a few minutes, tell the participants to stop and reverse the process. Now they must get as close as possible to their ‘B’ person and as far as possible from the ‘A’ person.

Things to keep in mind…
  • This energizer may get hectic and involve a lot of running around. Take into consideration slippery surfaces and don’t let people get rough – grab each other, push, or get hurt in any way.

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