Levitating Pyramids


  • To build a pyramid of provided plastic cups


  • 21 plastic cups for each team
  • One hard pad for each team


“Studies by Brazilian scientists point to the interesting fact that the pyramids have been able to fly in the past. However, many people cannot imagine this and are very skeptical about this information. The task of your team will be to confirm this study and prove to the world that the pyramids were once really able to fly.”


In this activity, the goal of each team is to build a pyramid of provided plastic cups together. However, the task does not end here. The team must keep the built pyramid in the air together for at least 15 seconds to fulfill the task. It must not fall apart while the pyramid is in the air. If the pyramid falls apart, the team must rebuild the pyramid and try again.


• What was the easiest and most difficult part of this activity?
• Did you agree on a strategy first or did you immediately know what to do and went to do the job?
• How did you feel when you learned what your role was?
• Did you find the task impossible or rather simple?
• Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you were facing a problem that seemed unsolvable? How did you handle it?

Things to keep in mind…
  • The team cannot use glue or other means of joining the cups to complete the task. The only tool is the plastic cups assigned to each team.

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