Lava River


  • To get to the finish line as a team before your opponents do.


  • Squares made of carton or stiff paper (ca 20×20 cm), as many as there are participants and a few more
  • Some cones/rope to mark the start/finish


  • “You are stranded on an island with an erupting volcano and need to get to safety as quickly as possible! However, there is already too much lava flowing from the volcano, and your way is blocked. Thankfully, there are enough volcanic stones that you can use to cross the lava river. A helicopter is waiting for you on the other side, but it can only take a certain number of people on board. Work as a team to survive!”


  • The participants will be split into two (or more) equal groups.
  • Both teams need to form a line behind the starting point.
  • Each participant receives one square of carton/paper, which represents the volcanic stone. One more will be put behind each team by the facilitator.
  • When the activity begins, the first person in the line has to put their stone in the river and stand on it. Then they need to take another stone from the person behind them, put it further in the river, and jump on it to make room for their teammate, who will then take the stone from the person behind them and so on until the last person on the team has successfully crossed to the other side. Whichever team gets there first wins!
  • Mind that only one person can stand on the stone and that participants can carry one stone at a time.
Things to keep in mind…
  • Make the ”lava river” reasonably wide, so the activity is challenging enough but doesn’t take too long to finish.

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