It’s Personal


  • A box/A basket/A big hat/A deep bowl/etc. to put things into

Participants have to put one personal thing they are currently wearing or having in their pockets, which is connected to a personal story, into the box. If they don’t have such a thing, they can take it from their rooms. As they are putting it into the box (one by one), the participants have to introduce themselves and tell their story (about the thing), for example: “My name is Lucas and this pen was given to me by my father on my 18th birthday. It belonged to him and his father before him”. Each participant then takes one thing from the box (other than their own) and has to guess whose thing it was and tell the story of that person.

Things to keep in mind…

This activity is more enjoyable in smaller groups, in which everyone can keep track of the names and stories, and thus their interest.

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