Guess the Leader

Gather the group in a circle and find one volunteer to leave the room. When that person leaves, the rest of the participants will choose a “leader”.
When the leader is chosen, the volunteer who left the room will be called back inside and asked to stand in the middle of the circle.
Everybody starts to wave their hands up and down, and the selected “leader” will change the movement that must be mimicked by the other participants in the circle.


The movements can be anything the “leader” wants, e.g., clapping, stomping feet, jumping, etc. . But the leader must be subtle, so the volunteer in the middle wouldn’t guess him/her right away. Others in the circle should avoid constant eye-contact with the “leader” as well, so they wouldn’t give him away to the volunteer.
The game can continue until the “leader” is found, or if that happens too fast another volunteer and “leader” can be selected.

Things to keep in mind…
  • Do not keep the volunteer in the middle of the circle for uncomfortably long. If she/he can’t guess the “leader” in a reasonable timeframe, change the volunteer and the “leader” and start a new round.

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