From Pain to Spain!

13.10 – 22.10.2022
Archidona, Spain

Event summary

So… social media, pretty crazy stuff, right? No matter which platform you use or how much you use it, we’re sure that you can agree that the different social media platforms have had a significant impact on our world. Its true influence is rather difficult to comprehend, but you have probably noticed how you are drawn to whichever platform you are using. Sure, it helps you stay in touch with your friends, connect with new people, read news, find more information about the next cool event and much more. But is there also a darker side to social media? By now, we can confidently say that there is. We have felt it when we start comparing ourselves to others on Instagram or become outraged about something someone else said on Twitter or Facebook for example. Cases such as these, which are just the tip of the iceberg, have a quite harsh impact on our mental well-being and slowly but surely bring us down. Is it all worth it? Is there something that we can do to protect ourselves against the negative impact and empower the more positive sides of social media use?

Topics like these are at the core of “From Pain to Spain: Seeking solutions to modern problems”. This youth exchange will bring together 42 participants from 5 different countries in order to explore the realms of social media and mental health together. The 8 activity days will be filled with workshops, group discussions, games and more. Everything is based on non-formal methods so you can expect to have a lot of fun while you are learning about important topics. Do you need any prior knowledge or experience to join this event? Not at all; all you need is curiosity and a bit of courage to embark on this adventure together with us. If this sparked your interest, then make sure to keep reading!

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission Erasmus+ programme. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

International Youth Exchange

We will compensate your bus, train and flight tickets to/from the event (Check the limits below), housing, food, and all the activities. If you got more questions, feel free to contact us!:)

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Where you'll be staying

Venue & Location

The venue is located in Archidona, near the city of Malaga (Southern Spain). Archidona is known for its landscapes and historical heritage. Declared a Historic-Artistic Site, the town is steeped in history in each of its buildings, squares and streets… your experience in this town will be unforgettable! The weather of Archidona is a typical Mediterranean climate, there are 3000 hours of sunshine per year! In the month of October it’s still warm and pretty in this region with the temperature about +20C during the day and +10C during the night.
All of the participants will be accommodated in big villa called Molino de Madaura. The accommodation is the perfect place for the creation of learning experiences through recreation and free time, sports and contact with the environment. This space is the easiest way to experience the adrenaline of adventure and the life of nature in the Mediterranean forest in a space specially designed for groups. The accommodation has a spacious meeting room for the main activities, swimming pool to cool down every once in a while, cozy indoor and outdoor spaces. You will share a room with 3-5 other people of the same gender. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served at the same location every day. We wish to promote different Spanish dishes!

Discover non-formal learning!

What can you expect?


The program on youth exchanges is always fun and exciting. But since most people don’t know each other, we will start with ice-breaking, name-games and other activities that will help you find new friends. We will gradually move deeper into the topic and explore the impact of social media from different points of view.


What would an international project be without the opportunity to get to know lots of incredible and inspirational people? Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, you can be sure to meet valuable contacts for your future work and new friends that you will stay in touch with long after the event has finished. All of that while surrounded by the warm atmosphere and culture of Andalusia!


While youth exchanges are certainly an excellent opportunity to meet other cultures and places, they can be more than that. You are more than welcome to bring added value to the sessions by sharing your own experience and insights. It’s your chance to make the event even more helpful and memorable while developing yourself. After all, you never know what can come out of it. Nobody will be forced to carry out sessions or stand in front of the group alone, but you can be sure that you have the full support of our team if you wish to step farther out of your comfort zone.

Have fun while developing yourself!

Social program

Each day has its workshops and other activities. However, there is a social program on each evening. Since we are gathering from different countries, each national group will get the chance to carry out their own evening program on one of the days. This is the chance to display some traditions, carry out typical games from your childhood, or something completely different. You will have the creative freedom to show your culture to others in any way you want. Don’t worry though, you will not do it alone, you have your group and our team to help you.

How to get to the event?


Since Spain is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe, getting to Malaga will take no more than a direct flight or a stopover in the worst case scenario. Getting to Archidona from Malaga involves a train or bus ride of no more than 1.5 hours. You must arrive before late evening on the 13th of October at the venue and have to participate in the entire duration of the event. We will provide more travel-related information once you have been selected to join our project. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will cover your travel cost up to a specific limit. You will receive your reimbursement after you have provided us with all the documents within 3-4 months after the event. If you’re economical, it’s possible to get your total travel expenses covered!

Selected participants must contact the organizer and send their travel info before buying the tickets. It is essential not to buy anything before receiving the green light from us. We will, of course, assist you in every way possible!
The selected participants will be contacted with more details and travel instructions. You will buy your own tickets and receive travel compensation after providing all of the invoices, boarding passes and other documentation to us . We will, of course, assist you in every way possible and help you find the best options. The travel reimbursement (compensation) limit depends on the travel distance. The upper limit per country is:

Spain (100-499 km): 180eur
Slovakia (2000-2999 km): 360eur
Greece (2000 – 2999 km): 360eur
Sweden (2000-2999km): 360eur
Estonia (3000-3999 km): 530eur

The travel reimbursement will be sent to your bank account within 2-3 months after the event. In special cases, it can be done even sooner.

Meet the people behind Youth Europa!


Since all of our projects represent us as people and an organisation, you can expect us to be highly motivated and accommodating. We’re committed to keeping the bar high and take every chance to improve ourselves and the flow of our events. By staying flexible and being open to meaningful adjustments, we ensure that the program is tailored to be as useful as possible. Okay, this sounds a bit too corporate maybe, so to put it simply… You can count on our team to be kind and supportive before, during and after the event. There are no dumb questions and we actually don’t mind answering all of them. Whether it’s about the travel, program or something else, you can count on our help.

Proof of participation

YouthPass Certificate

As a participant of this event, you will receive YouthPass – a certificate of non-formal education recognized all across Europe that allows you to describe what you have done and learned. On top of that, it can be a great way to stand out at a job interview or when applying to a university, not to mention the part where you get to show off to your friends:)

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Deadline: 06.10.2022

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Frequently Asked Questions

This project is supported by Erasmus+ program. This enables us to keep the participation fee very low and even remove it for people who are in financial difficulties. We know it sounds too good to be true, feel free to check out the reviews:)

Not at all. We try to focus on non-formal learning methods. This means that all activities are interactive and you will usually work in groups.

Everyone who comes from the eligible countries and is 18 to 30 years old is welcome to apply. There are no prerequisites, we actually welcome people who have no prior experience at all. Also, this event is not political. We don’t care if you hold conservative or more liberal views. Just be friendly and cooperative, we’re all here to learn, make friends & have fun!

Click the “apply now” button below if the deadline has not passed. Fill the form and answer all the questions as sincerely as possible. We will get in touch with you if you have been selected. Make sure that @youtheuropa.org mails don’t go to your spam!:)

The participants are selected based on their motivation and interest in the topic. There is no catch, you just need to be sincere and honest in your application. Also, if you’re not selected in this project, it’s more likely that you get selected for the next ones. 

Questions such as this one will be answered by the organisers or your group leader. Don’t worry, we will help you find the best possible option!

We will cover your trip to and from the project destination. There are some limits that apply, this is based on your travel distance. These limits are mentioned in the information above. If you buy the tickets early enough, it’s common to get your travel 100% covered.

After the event, all participants will fill the reimbursement form where you will be asked to upload the travel cost documents (itinerary, boarding passes, invoices etc.). The reimbursement process usually takes between 1-2 months. Remember that we will help you on every step of the way.

Nope. You will not be forced to do anything that you’re not comfortable with. But it’s definitely a great place to step our of your comfort zone. This is going to be a journey in your personal development:)

No problem, get in touch with us and we will do our best to provide you some answers. You can do so by heading over to the contact page.


This is the draft schedule. Some of the activities can depend on weather and other unpredictable aspects. We will always let the participants know about the changes. 

Day 1 (13.10)
Day 2 (14.10)
Getting to know each other
Day 3 (15.10)
Intro & Group discussions
Day 4 (16.10)
Social media & Problematic use
Day 5 (17.10)
Campaigns & Content creation
Day 6 (18.10)
Trip to the city!
Day 7 (19.10)
Raising awareness through videos
Day 8 (20.10)
World cafe & Open spot
Day 9 (21.10)
Final evaluation & Wrapping up
Day 10 (22.10)

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