Fall of Trust


  • To build up trust with your partner or other participants.


  • Participants work in pairs.
  • One participant stands in front of the other one.
  • At any moment when the first participant feels comfortable, he/she can fall back into the hands of the second participant.
  • The second participant makes sure that his/her partner enjoys the falling moment and feels fully supported.
  • Participants can change their roles freely.


  • After working in pairs, you can take a step forward and work in groups of up to 8 people. In this case, one participant is standing in the middle of a circle made of other participants and is being supported by them in his/her movements.
  • Participants can start to gently “push” him/her around, creating a continuous movement. The person falling down should have their hands by their body and be completely straighten out.


  • How did it feel to fall?
  • Did you trust others?
Things to keep in mind…
  • Make sure that everybody understands the instructions.
  • It’s better to do this activity outside on the grass, as there is a risk of injury.
  • Remind the participant who is falling, that to make it count, he/she should really try to fall (into the hands of their partner/s).

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