As the name of this activity suggests, participants will be evolving from an egg to a human (or from anything to anything), by playing “rock-paper-scissors” with each other. Whoever wins, evolves to the next stage and then the next, until they become a human and win the game.

Before the activity starts, explain to everybody what are the different stages of the evolution:

  • Egg – Crouch down and make “knocking noises”, like as if you wanted to get out of the egg, while also “knocking on the air” in front of you.
  • Chicken – Stay crouched and make “peeping noises”, while folding your arms under your armpits, like bird wings.
  • Frog – Jump up and down like a frog and make “croaking noises”.
  • Sloth – Walk and talk as slowly as possible. You can also lay down and fall asleep if you want.
  • Ape – Jump around like an ape and make “ape noises”.
  • Human – You have evolved to your current form and won the game! 🙂

When the game starts, everybody walks around the room and looks for someone of their “own kind” to play a round of rock-paper-scissors with them. Whoever of the pair wins evolves to the next stage and moves on to find one of his/her new kind. The loser doesn’t evolve and continues to look for his/her own kind again to try and win this time. The game ends when there is no way for the rest of the playing participants to evolve and become a human. You can play as many rounds as you wish.

Things to keep in mind…
  • It’s best to do this activity indoors, with enough space to move around.
  • You can modify this activity and add or erase any stages you’d like.
  • To help participants remember these stages better, you can write them down on a big paper with explanations, and hang it somewhere in the room for everyone to see and check whenever they need.

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