• A4 paper
  • Pens


  • The facilitator chooses pairs at random and asks them to sit down together. Each pair gets two pieces of paper and a pen. The facilitator asks the participants to write down 5 (or more) of these (or any other) questions, by their choice:
  1. Does your partner enjoy better warm or cold weather?
  2. Would your partner rather choose chocolate-flavored ice cream or a fruit one?
  3. Would your partner enjoy a trip around the world on a small boat with only 10 people?
  4. Does your partner have a brother, a sister, or both?
  5. Is your partner a spiritual person?
  6. Could your partner eat a whole lemon at once (without the skin)?
  7. Can your partner skate on ice?
  8. Does your partner play computer games? If yes, which ones?
  9. Would your partner help an old lady cross the street?
  10. Can your partner drive a car?
  • In the next phase, the facilitator asks the participants to write down the answers to these questions without communicating with their partner in any way. After finishing writing, the participants discuss their answers with each other in pairs. The participant(s) with the most correct answers gets the “most empathetic person award!

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