Dragon Tail

This energizer should be carried out outdoors. The best situation is to have a big flat space of grass where the participants can run freely.

The group of participants will be randomly divided up into two teams. Each team should form a line, with participants grabbing the person in front of them on their shoulders, like a conga line. The first in the line will be the mouth of the dragon, and the last in the line will be the tail of the dragon. The last person in the line will also carry a piece of cloth in the back pocket of his/her jeans.


conga line

The goal of each team is to have the dragon’s mouth get the piece of cloth from the enemy dragon’s tail, avoiding losing its own tail. To accomplish that the teams will have to run and work as a team, since if a dragon splits, it automatically loses.

After the first round, the teams are given some time to think up a strategy, then the energizer is repeated changing tail and mouth of the dragon.

Things to keep in mind…
  • You should avoid doing this activity on slippery ground.

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