Corona Bingo


  • Get to know each other and find out how we’ve used the time during the pandemic


  • Competition ticket for each participant


  1. Each participant will receive an unfilled competition ticket and a list of “quarantine achievements.”
  2. Each participant fills in their competition ticket with the activities they have completed during the quarantine period (by order as shown in the list).
  3. If someone is unable to fill in the entire table according to the list, they can choose an activity they will have to do in the future.
  4. The second phase of the game begins. Gradually, participants choose one by one any activity that they did during the quarantine and say it to the whole group. Anyone who has a field with this activity on their ticket can cross it out.
  5. Let the discussion spontaneously lead to individual activities.
  6. The winner is the one who has crossed out all the fields in one row or column. The game can continue until someone has not cleared all the fields.


  • During the pandemic, we have learned how to live in the “new world,” many of the things that filled our lives changed dramatically. What was that for you?
  • Have you lost your motivation during this period? Were you looking for a way to get it back?
  • People create personal goals that move us forward, why is that? What can be the source of our motivation?

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