Bunny Bunny

Get everyone in a circle. One player becomes the body of a bunny – this is done by holding both arms in front of your chest, elbows touching your rib cage, and letting hands hang. His/her 2 neighbors become the “ears” of the bunny, by waving a hand next to the middle player’s ears. All 3 say “bunny bunny bunny” together, until the middle player “throws” the “bunny” to another player in the circle. This player becomes the bunny body, and his/her neighbors get to do the ears.


  • Play this game at a high speed. Mumbling “bunny bunny” en masse gives a nice energy boost.


  • Play in slow motion. Hilarious!
  • Alternatively, you can really invent any object or create or replace the bunny, as long as you invent a sound along with it.

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