Boom Disco Boom

All the participants of the group form a circle. One player, preferably the facilitator, starts by performing one of the following movements/sounds. The goal is for him/her to pass the movement to the next participant in the circle in a way that each movement demands. When it is the turn of the next participant, he/she can choose any movement/sound that he/she wants.

There are four movements/sounds:

  • Boom: Say boom and make the mythical John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever dance movement touching his/her hand and raising that hand diagonally to the air – This movement will pass the turn to the next player in the same direction.
  • Disco: Say disco and with his/her arms at 90° in front of him/her, roll them – This movement will change the direction.
  • Shake shake the room: Say shake shake the room with raised hands – This movement will skip the next person and continue in the same direction.
  • Baby: Sings Babyyy! while pointing at someone – This way someone else will continue the game.
  • Funky: When someone makes a mistake, everyone shouts funky and changes places in the circle.
Things to keep in mind…
  • It is important to keep up the pace once started so that everyone is participating and paying attention when their turn comes.
  • It might be more helpful to explain the variations deeply to the participants from the beggining because it is easy to get lost.

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