Balloon Caterpillar


  • To get to the finish line as a team before your opponents do.


  • A pack of balloons
  • Some cones/chairs/etc


  • The participants will be split into two (or more) equal groups.
  • Members of both teams need to form a line facing each other’s backs and stand themselves on the starting line.
  • The facilitator will then give them the inflated balloons, which the participants have to put between their bodies, so they don’t fall.
  • Once the activity starts, they cannot use their hands to hold the balloons. The facilitator can ask them to put their hands in the air to prevent this.
  • In front of the teams, at a reasonable distance, will be a cone/chair, etc., around which the teams have to make a turn and come back to the starting point without letting the balloons fall.
  • If one or more balloons fall, the team has to pick them up and start from the beginning.
  • Whichever team crosses the finish line first wins!


  • You can make the track the teams have to take into a slalom, circle, etc.
Things to keep in mind…
  • Do this activity outside,  but try to avoid wet and uneven surfaces.
  • Have some balloons ready as a backup if some of them pop during the activity.

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