What we do

Shaping the world through younger generations

We offer non-formal education to promote life-long learning and to encourage friendship between people of different nations. We engage in a broad range of topics based largely on the diverse expertise in our team.

Youth Exchanges

International events where we’re bringing together 30-50 people for 8-12 days. Usually for youth ages 18-30 and is also facilitated by young people themselves.

Training Courses

International events for youth workers and leaders. Similar to youth exchanges, but the goal is to increase the skills which help youth workers in their work.


For a great impact, you need great tools. We are always working on new materials that help other organisations become better at their work.

Strategic Cooperation

Together ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results. We always seek out new ways to cooperate with other organisations and institutions.

Who we are

The flagship of
non-formal education

We are an international non-profit organisation fueled by great ideas, passion for education, a (big) dash of dark humor, and professionalism that will surprise you.

Why do we do this

Explore beyond
formal education

If a person can do advanced math, speak 5 languages, or receive top grades, but can’t manage their emotions, practice conflict resolution, or handle stress, none of that other stuff is really going to matter.

Take the next leap in your personal development by joining one of our events!

And a ton of positive feedback to keep us going!

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